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How Can Supply Chains Keep Up With Consumer Growing Demands?

The Proper Barcode Labeling Software Is Helping.

How Is Barcode Software Helping Supply Chains?

Timmy Thermal Safety GearSo how is barcode label software helping a company supply chain meet consumer growing demands?
by Timmy Thermal

The supply chain is one of the most crucial parts of all businesses, irresptive of their size. That is all the more true in today’s age when businesses routinely engage in global trade with even the smallest of vendors playing in the global arena.

True cost cutting and efficiency can only be achieved by businesses if they lock down and precisely operate their supply chain mechanisms. The supply chain industry overall, therefore, is one of the most important.

The use of modern barcode label software can significantly help in streamlining the operations of supply chain management and achieve cost cutting and efficiency. This is because barcode label software technology has come a long way from before and now posits a number of advantages for the supply chain industry.

1. Labor Efficiency

Barcodes have come a long way from only being used to store pricing information. They can now store a lot of other useful data as well. The same is true for printing technologies which can now mass print large quantities of standardized barcodes.

These two developments can drastically cut down labor time and costs by eliminating need for labor to manually enter information and manually print and stick barcodes on products. Automated scanners can quickly scan thousands of objects under a few minutes instead of old hand scanners.
Any amount of time savings in supply chain result in greater efficiency and cost savings.
Time is money, particularly so in supply chain.

2. Quality and Accuracy

Supply chain departments have to deal with large volumes of data related to products. The accuracy and quality of the data entry are some of the paramount aspects for supply chain. Any lapse in the accuracy of data entered can jeopardize quality and bring processes to a standstill.
With modern barcode label software, the chance for human error is completely eliminated as manually entering product IDs is not required. Data is entered in an accurate standardized manner which translates into more accurate orders and shipments which nets a quality increase.

3. Stock Management and Asset Keeping

One of the main problems that companies and businesses face with offshore manufacturing units in developing countries is the loss of quality and security.

Products are often leaked or stolen and expensive assets can go missing. Ensuring complete control and transparency over offshore manufacturing units is a costly process.

Modern barcode label software can prevent such concerns however by inputting every unit of product manufactured into a central database and same for the assets. This will ensure that any theft or irregularity gets logged and the item in question can be better tracked.

Other than this it will also help in better stock keeping and facilitate recalls and destruction in the case of any lapses in quality.

4. Inbuilt Standards

There are increasingly new standards and legal requirements by the year as trade becomes more globalized and more entrants come in. Keeping track of all these changes can be difficult but luckily most modern barcode label software come with a variety of these standards built in to them.

This can make switching between different standards and versions of barcodes very easy and allow a business to run a supply chain for different territories.


It can be said that the supply chain industry is in fact the primary industry which barcode label software has helped the most. This is because the changes and developments that have been made in barcode technology most aid and serve the purposes of supply chain management functions. Talk to one of our Printer & Barcode Technology Specialists now (800) 643-2664.

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