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How Is Inventory Control Changing?

How Is Inventory Control Changing?

Barry Barcode Grocery StoreHow are new technologies improving turnaround times for inventory control?
by Barry Barcode

The world of technology and logistics is going through sweeping changes. However, the average inventory control systems in warehousing are still mired in the past.

If we were to compare the warehouse environment with that of a modern state-of-the-art, well-lit office, we will see that the former has not changed for almost a hundred years.

The many teams toiling away at these warehouses are responsible for shifting and sorting various products belonging to global brands. In fact, without their contribution, the delivery of goods and services will almost certainly stall. This is why warehousing staff members should be given the same importance as their office going counterparts.

o Warehousing and The Promise of Next Day Delivery

Many organizations offer next day (and sometimes even same day delivery) to their privileged customers. This is only possible because of the endless hours that warehouse staff puts in every day.

Unfortunately, few warehouses are equipped with a central climate control system or any other comforts that most of us take for granted.

The employee clocks in and clocks out every day till he finds better employment and the shift supervisor has to look for, find and train his replacement. It is about time warehouses are also mainstreamed and overhauled so that that the staff members who work there will be as motivated as the other employees of the organization. Let us check out a few revolutionary trends that are taking over the modern warehouse today.

o Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Even though Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) have been around for a long time, today’s cutting-edge technology is inspiring staffers to become increasingly more productive.

Such technology is helping the human employees to seamlessly shift from one batch of items to another, without any delays in the shipping process.

o Upgraded Return to Inventory Management Systems

Today’s end consumer does not think twice before returning products that he feels are unsatisfactory. The reason may be something as trivial as an order arriving a few hours too late. This creates an added logistical burden on the people who are responsible for sending the merchandise to him in the first place.

Since there is near zero tolerance for incorrect and missing orders, the addition of precision management capabilities has drastically reduced human error. This means that the warehouse staffers can do a better job, knowing that the system has their back.

It is imperative to have fast communication with the warehouse for better inventory control. Smart phones help make this possible with less devices carried by the employee.

zebra tc25

Zebra Smart Phone Inventory Control

o Conclusion

In light of the above, we can see that warehousing technology is improving the conditions for the warehouse staff. Furthermore, these vast cold and impersonal spaces are now making use of cutting-edge technology to improve productivity and motivate workers.

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