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RFID and Modern Warehouse

How RFID Is Part Of A Modern Warehouse

RFID technology is creating a paradigm shift in the modern warehouse and the promise that it holds for your business.

Mobile tracking of products is now the most important feature of modern warehouses. Mobile tracking can help your business to streamline warehouse operations, enhance coordination, and provide an incisive view of inventory levels.

Wireless technology is creating profound and radical changes in the supply chain. It is now transforming warehouse operations and seeing an increased adoption thanks to its numerous advantages.

Real-Time Tracking

Using wireless inventory, warehouse personnel can track the inventory levels in real-time so that there is no uncertainty. There is no need to rummage for each item separately and waste time since the exact location of each item is well-established with wireless tracking. The result is a major boost in productivity and a higher work output. All warehouse processes become more efficient as a result.

This technology enables your inventory items to relay messages to inventory management systems so that they remain accurate and updated, allowing you to make timely decisions. Radio frequency identification tags (RFID tags) effectively make your inventory management process smart by transmitting vital information to management to give them an uninterrupted view of inventory movement. This data can give management the key insights they need to enhance and optimize warehouse processes and even the floor plan itself. Loss of visibility over inventory items is a major hindrance that can slow down your warehouse team. However, thanks to RFID tags, this issue is now a thing of the past.

Higher Integration

You can now integrate all aspects of your warehouse with numerous technologies that bolster, compliment, and augment RFID wireless tracking. GPS and the IoT will now be fundamental aspects of all warehouses that will further reinforce the effectiveness of RFID scanning technology. The confluence of these technologies will facilitate the work flow of warehouse personnel and empower your supply chain managers to swiftly formulate and execute decisions.

Unprecedented Control and Visibility

Businesses, logistics managers, and warehouse team members will be happy to know that RIFD technology gives them unprecedented control and visibility over warehouse processes. This will help them save time, simplify the processes, and reduce wastage.

In the past, employees were often stymied when they tried to locate and process inventory items that were not in their line of sight. However, RFID technology opens up great possibilities since warehouse team members finally have the technology they need for dealing with items that are not in their line of sight.

Higher Productivity

By implementing RFID technology, businesses are now saving labor costs thanks to higher productivity. Companies are now able to get more out their workers from the same shifts. Whether it is locating items, tracking them, picking them up, loading or unloading, RIFD makes all processes easier, error-free, and faster.

RFID technology also mitigates the possibility of errors in order processing. Since RFID automates so many key functions chances of human errors and misunderstanding are alleviated. This means greater customer satisfaction and fewer complaints.

Zebra’s new ZT400 series offers printing of RFID metal tags.

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Zebra ZT421 – Great for RFID Metal Tags

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