Walmart's RFID Commitment

How to be Compliant for Walmart’s RFID Commitment

Walmart is a retail giant and has many suppliers. There are many requirements one must fulfill to become a Walmart supplier. The most recent requirement that Walmart has mandated is RFID compliance.

Initially, the mandate was only limited to apparel; however, in a recent announcement, Walmart has decided to expand it to other products, including home goods, entertainment, toys, and automotive products. But what exactly is RFID, and how can you comply with Walmart’s RFID commitment? Read on to find out!

What is RFID?
RFID, or radio frequency identification, is a technology that allows retailers to keep track of the inventory products. They are tags added to products and allow Walmart to track the products received, available in inventory, and sold. The information helps workers manage resources and plays a vital role in matching consumer demands. It also allows faster replenishment of supplies that are running short.

What is Walmart’s Mandate on RFID Compliance?
Walmart has announced that all suppliers producing entertainment, electronics, apparel, or automotive products must comply with their RFID commitment by September 2, 2022.

The cost of adding RFID tags has reduced considerably from 2005, when the mandate was first introduced for the top 100 apparel suppliers. Today, you can add the tags at a fraction of the cost because of technological advancement and better-known practices for its adoption.

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How to Become Compliant?
To comply with the RFID requirements, you must promptly meet three deadlines. The first is to send out at least five samples of your RFID tags to Auburn University by June 3.

Since Walmart has worked closely with Auburn University’s RFID lab before introducing the RFID tag requirement, you must send the samples there for testing. You will need to fill out an online form before sending the samples to share details regarding your business. Make sure that the samples are of the tags only, do not add your products to the package.

After getting your approval, ensure your products are sent to the distribution facility by August 17, 2022. Lastly, the products arriving at Walmart stores from September 2, 2022, must be RFID-tagged.

If you’re not well-versed with the RFID technology, consider outsourcing help. Many companies offer RFID printers and software for creating tags that meet Walmart’s requirements. You can also ask them to guide you through the approval process.

Final Thoughts
Walmart’s RFID commitment can get you high returns, and considering the cost reduction the technology has experienced, it is a viable investment. According to the Auburn University, RFID compliance can boost sales (shipping and pick-ups) by almost 80 percent, which is certainly not a figure that can be undermined. In the long haul, RFID tags can benefit both suppliers and retailers.

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