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How To Combat Warehouse Staffing Shortages

How To Combat Warehouse Labor Shortages With New Technologies


Logistics facilities in the US currently face two main challenges. The first is the continuing labor shortage. While the second is the rising demand in ecommerce.

Due to covid-19, more and more consumers are shopping online to stay safe. Hence, ecommerce is a rapidly growing sector. On the other hand, the labor shortage is exacerbating the challenges faced by logistics facilities.

Warehouses can resolve this issue by improving productivity using the latest networking protocols and hardware solutions. The warehouse that deploys the latest solutions will attract short supply labor since personnel wants to work with the latest technology.

Here’s how you can leverage the latest technology to prevent warehouse labor shortages.

Modern Technology
Modern logistics facilities leverage technologies that have been designed to fulfill the rising needs of ecommerce. Besides boosting worker efficiency, these technologies improve the health and safety of warehouse personnel.

Workers that have access to the latest cutting-edge technology can perform their job roles better. They will also have a greater level of job satisfaction.

Modern technology provides an elegant solution to the challenges faced by today’s warehouses. They can use a smartphone integrated with a wearable scanner that collects data like the ProGlove MARK Display.

A wireless network can connect wearable units deployed thus with the warehouse management system.

Legacy warehouse solutions are no longer efficient for executing day-to-day warehouse operations. Old hardware and static workstations can in fact hinder productivity. Older systems cannot keep up with the rising demands of ecommerce.

On the other hand, the latest system boosts both worker productivity and safety. Worker safety is enhanced because the wearable scanner units leave workers free to do other things safely like climbing a ladder or driving a forklift. Hence, workers can do potentially dangerous jobs without distractions, without any hardware getting in their way.
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Warehouses should use smartphone-based systems rather than static workstations to increase worker mobility, productivity, and safety. And they should use wearable scanners in place of traditional barcode scanners that are not wearable. Smart wearable devices are highly ergonomic and they are the solution for high-velocity warehouse operations.
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Innovative Solutions
Innovations in technology can help warehouses to expedite their workflows and bolster efficiency. When they deploy the most innovative smart wearables, they will be able to gain several major benefits.

Warehouses that use these innovative systems can remain competitive and keep costs down. They will be able to fulfill orders in less time and they will be able to fulfill orders with greater accuracy. This will improve customer satisfaction and can motivate customers to make repeat purchases thereby improving the bottom line.

Innovative and forward thinking companies will also be able to attract the best professionals. This factor will become important especially in today’s era where there is a serious warehouse labor shortage.

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