Barcode Scanner Maintenance

10 Easy Maintenance Tips

How To Do Barcode Scanner Maintenance

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Barcode Scanner Maintenance

Follow these tips to keep your barcode scanners operational.

Keeping a barcode scanner operational is essential to many businesses. Up-time can mean the difference in meeting company goals. Here are 10 barcode scanner maintenance tips to follow.

Tip One

Clean the reading window. Make sure your barcode scanner is getting full optical reading capacity by cleaning the reading window often. This is especially recommended when using in a harsh environment where dust, abrasion, humidity, finger prints, etc. will be common. Here are some do’s and don’ts when cleaning the reading window.

Reading window is made of glass:

  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents.
  • Do not use cleaning agents which cause increased abrasion (e.g. powder).
  • Avoid cleaning motions on the reading window, which could cause scratches or abrasion.

Reading window is made of plastic:

  • Only clean the reading window with a damp cloth.
  • Use mild cleansing agents without powder. Do not use strong cleansing agents such as acetone.
  • Avoid cleaning motions on the reading window, which could cause scratches or abrasion.

Tip Two

WARNING! Be careful at all times. Do not look directly into the laser path for an extended period of time. This could damage your eyes.

  • Never look directly into the light path (similar to sunlight).
  • Never direct the device’s laser beam at a person’s eyes.
  • When installing and aligning the barcode scanner, avoid laser beam reflections from reflective surfaces.
  • Do not open the housing.
  • Always observe the latest valid version of laser protection regulations.

Tip Three

Electrostatic charges cause dust particles to stick to the reading window. This effect can be combated by using anti-static synthetic cleaner in combination with a lens cloth. You can find these online and they aren’t very expensive.

Tip Four

Protect your barcode scanner from these conditions:

  • Extreme heat temperatures. Do not leave it on the dashboard of a car on a hot day, and keep it away from heat sources.
  • Do not store or use your barcode scanner in any location that is extremely dusty, damp, or wet (unless it is a rugged barcode scanner that recommends using under these conditions).

Tip Five

Be careful not to drop your barcode scanners. There are many integral parts to a barcode scanner and they can easily be damaged or misaligned if dropped. Check your specifications on your barcode scanner for drop specifications. Some rugged barcode scanners can be dropped from certain distances without getting damaged. Most barcode scanners come with a wrist strap that can prevent dropping during operation.

Tip Six

Your barcode scanner will not turn on. Possible quick solutions may be that the battery isn’t charged or may need replacing. Also, check to see if the battery is installed properly. The battery connections may not be touching if the battery is misaligned in the housing.

Tip Seven

Here’s what to do if your trigger is stuck on your barcode scanner. Try this quick trick only if your barcode scanner isn’t under warranty. Tinkering with your barcode scanner may void warranties. Before you send your barcode scanner in for repair take a straight-pin, or similarly small object, and run it around the tiny gap between the trigger and the handle. If there is any offending build up of debris in there that is causing the problem, this will work it loose. If this isn’t the case, then depending on your exact model, the handle may be separated from the rest of the unit.

Tip Eight

It is important to understand the IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating) of your barcode scanner. For instance, the Zebra MC90xx devices is IP 64. In the code IP 64, the 6 means dust-tight. No ingress of dust will occur. The 4 means Protected against splashing water. Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects. Understanding the IP Rating of your barcode scanner will help you increase the life of it.

Tip Nine

There are times when you’ll get a frozen screen on your barcode scanner. A simple fix for this could be a reboot of your barcode scanner. If your barcode scanner is experiencing a frozen screen and will not respond to any prompts, try removing the battery for at least 30 seconds. After 30 seconds re-attach the battery and see if it will reboot. Most barcode scanner owner’s manuals will have proper procedures to follow if your barcode scanner is experiencing a frozen screen. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedures as outlined in their manual.

Tip Ten

During data communication, no data was transmitted, or transmitted data was incomplete. This could be because your barcode scanner was removed from the cradle or unplugged from the host computer during communication. Try replacing the barcode scanner in the cradle or reattaching the Synchronization cable and re-transmit. Remember, whenever transmitting data, do not perform any other functions as this could cause incomplete data transfer.

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