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6 easy preventative maintenance steps for a thermal label printer

Timmy Thermal TMNeed to know how to do preventative maintenance on a thermal label printer? It’s easy using these 6 steps!
by Timmy Thermal

Proper preventative maintenance will help you extend the life of all your components and reduce the cost of all your maintenance.

We’ve outlined these 6 easy preventative maintenance steps that will increase your up-time and reduce repair needs. Watch our video and see the step by step instructions below.

Watch the video to see in action.

Below are step by step instructions.

Step 1: Remove all of your ribbon and media (labels) to gain access to your printer so that you can clean all of your components.

Step 2: You will want to clean the print head first. It is recommended to clean the print head every time you change a roll of ribbons. So every time before you reload add a new roll, the print head should be cleaned. The only thing recommended by the OEM to use to clean the print head is a mild solvent like isopropyl alcohol on a lint-free cloth. They come in presprayed wipes that make it very easy as you can clean the print head and then dispose of it. Go back and forth across the print head on the burn line and also wipe down the rest of the print head.

Step 3: Then clean the platen roller, which is directly below the print head. Wipe it down with an isopropyl alcohol wipe. Give the platen roller partial turns to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly all the way around it.

Step 4: You will then want to clean the rest of the exposed surfaces, specifically media sensors. It is very important to clean anywhere where the media and ribbon touches.

Step 5: Use a can of air to carefully blow the dust out of any of the sensors.

Step 6: For general maintenance, since wear on the print head is caused primarily by dust and grime that is collected inside your printer, you will want to take a good all-purpose cleaner and/or wipe, and complete wipe down and clean all areas of the printer.

These simple steps will help extend the life of your printer, print head and reduce over costs of your maintenance.

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