Overcoming Warehouse Ergonomic Challenges

How to Overcome Ergonomic Challenges in the Warehouse

Even though warehouses are factories are necessary for businesses, the nature of work is challenging. With more than 827,000 people working in warehouses, almost 34,900 people get into an accident that leads to a serious injury. Some even get into fatal accidents.

These statistics highlight the importance of improving the ergonomics in warehouses. Read on to discover how to overcome ergonomic challenges in the warehouse.

Overcoming Ergonomic Challenges
If your warehouse has a high rate of injuries, it can lead to low production and morale of the employees. But implementing the following strategies will improve the ergonomics, allowing workers to feel more motivated and secure while working.

1. Strategical Storing of Items
Constantly bending in awkward positions can create a bad posture and cause injuries. This usually happens when the items are randomly stored in the warehouse. Instead, you can organize the storage system and store all the less frequently used items on the lower or upper-most shelves. The items that need to be taken out regularly can be stored on the shelves at the eye level of the workers. It allows them to make minimal movements when taking out or placing the items in the storage.

Another factor to consider is the weight of the packages. Heavy items should be stored on lower levels to prevent straining the muscles. On the other hand, lightweight packages can be stored on upper shelves.

2. Integrate Automation
Consider adding automated solutions to the warehouse to minimize worker fatigue. Machine assistance can take some of the employees' workloads, which helps them catch a break and makes work easier.

For instance, a bubblewrap dispenser makes tearing the film simpler than doing it manually. Similarly, you can introduce picking carts in the warehouse. It helps the workers transport items from one place to another with ease.

There are some automated and wireless picking and packing options you can add. They allow workers to go hands-free and manage things better without sustaining injuries.
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3. Schedule Employee Training
Get your employees trained by an expert to improve the ergonomics. It helps the workers learn more about workplace safety and preventing accidents.

The primary focus of these training sessions can be on lifting techniques and strain prevention.

Final Thoughts
Now you know how to overcome ergonomic challenges in the warehouse. Consistently implement a viable storage plan to prevent straining and unnecessary accidents. Automation is a valuable tool for boosting productivity while reducing worker fatigue. Moreover, regular training on ergonomics can help prevent serious accidents. Integrating all these measures into your warehouse will automatically make the workspace safer for employees.

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