HP DesignJet 500 End of Life

HP DesignJet 500 End of Life – What Does This Mean and What Can You Do?

Harry Plotter

Hewlett Packard (HP) has made the DesignJet 500 plotter an end-of-life (EOL) product, thus making on-site time & material (T&M) calls harder to find and much more expensive. But, what does this mean for those that own the DesignJet 500 and what can you do?
Harry Plotter here to give you a helping hand. Those in this industry are no stranger to their products becoming an end-of-life product. Sometimes it is better to follow the recommended upgrade path and replace the printer, but sometimes that isn’t the only option.HP DesignJet 500
While the DesignJet 500 is a popular printer, HP has decided to discontinue it to, presumably, make room for newer, more advanced models. However, you might not want to replace your perfectly good DesignJet 500 just because HP won’t be supporting it anymore. We here at MIDCOM have a more cost-effective method of maintaining the productivity of your business.
MIDCOM Service Group would like to remind you that we offer our “Fastest Response” Annual Service Plans for the HP DesignJet 500, so that you can make sure your favorite plotter stays up and running!
The Annual Service Plan comes with:

  • Unlimited onsite service calls
  • All parts included*
  • Reduced downtime
  • Expense predictability

Plans start as low as $595/year, so just give us a call at 800-MID-COM4 (800-643-2664) and speak with one of our contract specialists immediately to get you set up with an Annual Service Plan for your HP DesignJet 500.

*Consumables not included

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