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Who Really Made Your Line Printer?

line printers who made it
Peter PrinterDo you know who really made your line matrix printer?
by Peter Printer

Did you ever notice that a product made by a certain manufacturer looked very similar to another manufacturer’s product?

You’ve probably noticed this when driving down the road, two cars that look very much alike but have different emblems on them. Who are they fooling? … especially when they charge more for one of them – just because of the printronix line printers

Well, this also happens with printers and particularly with line matrix printers. We all know IBM® right? They are a large company and make many computer related products as well as line matrix printers. They have a whole series of 6400 line matrix printers but don’t actually manufacture a line matrix printer. Whaaaaat!

The IBM® 6400 line matrix printers are produced by a company named Printronix®. Printronix® also produces their own line matrix printer series. They currently have the P7000 and P8000 line matrix printer series and older series such as the P5000. If you compare them side by side, you’ll see how similar the IBM® 6400 line matrix printer and Printronix® P series printers look alike.

So what does this mean? Well, since these line printers are both made by Printronix®, many parts are interchangeable. When your IBM® 6400 line matrix printer is in need of new parts, those parts could be purchased from Printronix® and vice versa. This gives you many more options with availability and cost comparing.

This goes for repairing your line matrix printers also. Technicians that are certified on either the IBM® line matrix printer or Printronix® line matrix printer can, in most cases, fix both. Since parts, operation and programming are similar, they can easily learn how to repair either line matrix printer brand.

So if you own an IBM® or Printronix® line matrix printer and are looking to increase your productivity by buying more line matrix printers, remember you can buy from either manufacturer for ease of use and repair.

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