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When Will Not Having A Hot Swap Printer Stop Your Productivity?

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Timmy Thermal TMNot having a hot swap printer is a matter of when, not if, you’ll lose productivity!
by Timmy Thermal

Planning ahead and being prepared for the unexpected is what hot swapping is all about, especially for mission critical printers. These include thermal label printers, line printers and dot-matrix printers.thermal printers

Never heard of hot swapping? Well, it is having an extra “back up” printer on hand that is an exact match that you can seamlessly swap in when one goes down and needs to be repaired or replaced. Having this extra printer allows you to easily swap it out eliminating costly downtime.

Lost productivity can be expensive. When your printer goes down and it’s not covered, you could wait days for a technician to get onsite or days waiting for the repair or replacement printer to be delivered. This means your printer will not be producing potentially costing your company thousands of dollars, if it isn’t up and running quickly.
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Having this hot swap printer available cuts down on costly downtime, lost revenue and the potential of missed deadlines. Being prepared with a hot swap printer allows you to maximize your output and continue running at peak efficiency. It is all about being proactive and having a back-up plan in place!

Not only is it wise to invest in a printer service contract to maintain and maximize the life of your printer and to minimize the potential for hardware issues, breakdowns and repairs, but to also plan for the day when repairs are necessary as that day will come.

So to help eliminate the chance of WHEN a mission critical printer will stop you from being productive, get a hot swap thermal label printer, line printer or dot-matrix printer in your inventory.

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