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Hundreds of supply chains across Europe use self-adhesive labels on their products. The labels are used by manufacturers, transportation, retailers, and all other steps in the supply chain. You can step into any supermarket or convenience store, and you will see all kinds of products that use these labels. Be
warehouse organization
A warehouse can feel like an endless space where it is impossible to find anything quickly. Keeping your warehouse well-organized can help you keep the space clean and tidy, make storing and finding products quicker and more efficient, and allow you to optimize your space. Here are 6 organization ideas
global pandemic food industry
COVID-19 has brought unprecedented disruption across all industries and continents, and the global food industry is no exception. Lockdowns, restrictions, and fears among the public regarding the scarcity of goods led to some of the biggest supply chain challenges to overcome. However, the food industry overcame them to make a

WHAT NEW TECHNOLOGIES CAN HELP SOLVE WAREHOUSE STAFFING SHORTAGES? Logistics facilities in the US currently face two main challenges. The first is the continuing labor shortage. While the second is the rising demand in ecommerce. Due to covid-19, more and more consumers are shopping online to stay safe. Hence, ecommerce
what is reverse logistics
What is reverse logistics and how can it help your business? As the name implies, reverse logistics is the supply chain working in reverse. That is, the product is moved from the customer back to the retailers, manufacturers or recycling firms. Retailers have to deal with reverse logistics on a
supply issues affecting business
It seems that supply chain issues will get worse. From computer chip shortages to port congestion to the lack of truck drivers, there are several supply chain issues that the global economy has to face. These supply chain issues have raised prices and are slowing down economic recovery across the
warehouse artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence and advanced robotics are transforming warehouse operations. Amazon is leading the AI race in warehouse operations. The global retailer is fine-tuning its AI system to speed up operations, bring down costs, and boost productivity. Thanks to the pandemic backlog of pending orders and the supply chain disruptions wrought

Are maintenance plans worth it? Is maintenance necessary for your warehouse equipment? It feels tempting at times to cut costs by skipping or cutting down on maintenance. But what are the ramifications of shunning maintenance or doing it less often? Here is what you need to know. 1. Minimizing Disruptions

Holiday season might be the last thing on anyone's mind during summer. However, savvy entrepreneurs know better. They start preparations during summer for imminent holiday season challenges. Such challenges might include ways to increase warehouse space for instance. Those who start early will benefit the most. Ecommerce has undergone unprecedented
barcode label accuracy
Barcode label accuracy is the center of fast and efficient logistics. Accurate barcode labels can streamline workflow, prevent errors and help avoid rework. The ubiquitous use of barcodes in all sorts of businesses reflects the importance of barcode labels. Barcodes prove to be far more accurate and effective than manual

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