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Intermec® Medallion® Complete Service Plan Benefits

What are the benefits of an Intermec® Medallion® Complete service plan?
by Peter Printer

Are you losing sleep over the investments you made in product handling solutions because they’re unprotected from accidents or environmental damage? Well, sleep soundly my savvy business friend, because I have the solution just for you. No matter what the size of your business or the scale of your product handling, Intermec® Medallion® Complete has a support service that is perfect for your unique business needs. I’m here to spell out the differences between the packages so you’ll know you’re making an informed decision when considering what plan is right for you. First thing to know is that there are three tiers to support service: Medallion® Complete, Standard, and Select, and I’ll go over each one individually.Intermec Medallion Complete

All of the services have lock ins for repair costs so you’ll never have to worry about rising prices as long as you’re within your contract, telephone support where you can talk to a real person, access to an online knowledge center in case you want to look something up, day and night access to online reports history, as well as inventory stats so you can always be up to date with the status of your devices. It sounds like so much already, but with each package you get even more personalized benefits.

Intermec® Medallion® Select program includes accidental damage and hardware failure repair on top of all of the complementary benefits listed above. You can never account for the amount of accidental damage that may occur in the future, so for the safeguarding business owner, it’s a very reasonable plan.

Intermec® Medallion® Standard is the middle of the road program which includes everything in the Medallion Select program, as well as an extended warranty, upkeep for wear and tear, and coverage for any part failures.

Intermec® Medallion® Complete is the supreme package when it comes to services. On top of the treasure trove of benefits listed in Intermec® Medallion® Standard and Select, you’ll also get coverage for all eligible accessories, and locked in pricing for longer periods of time of your choosing. When you pick the Intermec® Medallion® Complete, you are essentially getting all of the packages wrapped into one shiny box, allowing you to be in control of your data technology.

With any of the plans above you can choose from Bronze response time which will give you a five business day service period for depot services, or the Silver response time which is the fastest depot service than any other company who offers these services today with a 2 day depot service period. With all of the time you’ll save with the Silver level service you’ll be back on schedule in absolutely no time flat.

Overall, it’s important to have this kind of insurance for your devices. The product handling you invest into your business is truly an asset, just like your building or your employees, and you’d want to have those insured as well so why not the product investments that work to keep your business running smoothly and well organized? I know I would!

I hope this article has helped you decide what plan is right for you, and if you’re interested in even more in depth information visit our webpage. If you’re interested in more tips, educational information, and service package reviews like this one, make sure to follow us at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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