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How Can IOT Improve Barcoding In Manufacturing?

Timmy Thermal Safety GearHow is IOT (Internet-of-Things) changing and improving barcoding in manufacturing?
Timmy Thermal

The manufacturing sector has changed much in recent years and the change has a lot to do with IoT. IoT stands for the Internet of Things, which means in general terms the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, which enable them to send and receive data.

The IoT has changed virtually everything globally, but more specifically for the manufacturing sector this means it has provided manufacturers with a larger base to access for data across each phase of their vast networks of supply chains. This information allows them to more efficiently track the location and condition of their assets (both products and personnel) through a secure network, and analyze the data and react to situations and adjust accordingly in real-time.

Highlights of how IoT has transformed manufacturing:

  • enables real-time communication to improve efficiency
  • provides network of connections between field operations personnel with one another, to the supply chain, as well as to customers, providing ability to deliver higher-quality service levels
  • monitors the status of goods during transport to ensure maintenance of all quality and safety standards
  • tracks the route of inventory through the supply chain guaranteeing shipment arrives in the right place at the right time

Summary of the benefits of IoT to manufacturing:

  • improved loss prevention, improved safety and quality controls
  • improved customer service levels
  • maximizing asset utilization and streamlining supply chain operations
  • supply chain visibility

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