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Stop Burning Money On Laser Printer Maintenance Kits – There Is A Better Solution

laser printer maintenance kits buring moneyPeter PrinterAre you burning money on laser printer maintenance kits that cost you about as much as laser printer service contract?
by Peter Printer

Have you reviewed your printing maintenance costs lately? Many companies have taken advantage of the cost savings that come with a laser printer service contracts.maintenance kits

With a laser printer service contract, everything is included and you receive immediate response. Not so without a plan. You have to phone in a service call, and then wait. Pay for labor and travel which are billed per hour and usually have set number of minimum hours, as well as for any multiple or return trips if necessary. Parts are expensive and variable, and may not be in stock and then require being shipped costing you further. There are many variable costs to incur, whereas with a laser printer service contract everything is fixed and known.

Below is a simple service call scenario of a typical repair (i.e. HP LJ 4250 printer requiring a PM kit). As you can see contracts can provide many value added benefits.
laser printer maintenance kits contracts

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