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Managed Print Service Problems

Peter PrinterIs managed print service (MPS) actually worth it?
by Peter Printer

Managed Print Services (MPS) is an all-inclusive approach to document management, document workflow, print cost control, document sharing, and equipment maintenance for the benefit of cost savings, improved productivity levels, document security and also improved environmental sustainability. MPS include:

  • internally created paper documents, as well as materials sent out for quick printing or offset printing services
  • consumables – fine paper, ink, toner, staples, etc.
  • document distribution
  • office desktop printers, multifunction printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines and high-volume printers
  • IT help desk support, technical service, maintenance

print management problemsAs mentioned above, there can be much to gain by achieving a MPS environment, but it is no easy task to get there. There are some key areas of concern, challenges and pitfalls.

Here are some to consider before committing to a managed print service program:

  • Requires a lot of planning and evaluating and understanding your current printing environment:
    • The first step is to conduct a print audit to establish the current cost of printing and determine what devices are in use (both networked printers or those attached directly to desktop machines), identify which users are printing to which machines and how often, the quantities of paper, cost per print, page fill percentage, ink and toner being consumed, differentiate between key documents and supporting documents, and at what time and what days they are being printed.
    • Ask many questions:- Is your current print environment benefiting your bottom line and meeting your needs? How did you decide the type, model and functionality of the current printers in your office place? Do you have a number of different machines handling different jobs like scanning, printing and copying? Is your equipment keeping up with the volume?

  • Avoid blurring the lines. If using a third party service supplier to assist in this audit, be careful of the information that they provide. Independent audits are the best to utilize to avoid any potential exploitation or bias by suppliers hoping to take advantage.
  • Address organization culture, structure and constrains. Is your organization’s culture and structure conductive to implementing a MPS? Are they willing and open to making the necessary changes to make the conversion successful? What will be the obstacles?
  • Address potential concerns of information confidentially with opening up the organization and exposing printing devices to an outside entity.
  • Avoid signing managed print service agreements that only cover a portion of the printer fleet, or limited printer brands, or not including all printing supplies, or imposing restrictions on usage and maintenance work. A managed print service agreement should address an entire organization’s equipment and include all the necessary components, supplies and services to effectively monitor, service, maintain and manage the MPS.

A better option to managed print services are printer service contracts. Printer service contracts give more options to better budget and control expenses – without the expensive commitment.

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What are the benefits of printer service contracts? See inforgraph below.

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