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Manufacturer Increased Picking Efficiency By 100%

Manufacturer Increased Picking Efficiency By 100%

A leading manufacturer that provides mounting solutions for almost all devices of varying sizes, including smartphones, tablets, printers, PCs, etc., was able to increase the picking efficiency by 100%. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it did happen with the help of ProGlove barcode scanners.

What is ProGlove?

ProGlove is a Bluetooth-enabled barcode scanner that can easily be connected to different mobile devices, including iOS, Android, PCs, and tablets.

The wireless device aims to provide workers with a convenient solution that keeps both hands free to optimize workflows. The ProGlove barcode scanner is capable of scanning up to 10 meters without exceptional reliability.

ProGlove minimizes errors by almost 33%. An audible signal is generated to let the picker know that a product has been scanned successfully without the need to check the display each time. The small device has an amazing battery life, allowing workers to make up to 10,000 scans in one go.

proglove wearable barcode scanners

How ProGlove Helped Improve the Picking Efficiency?

As mentioned earlier, the manufacturer produced mounting solutions for various devices. The company handles are the pieces used to complete the mounting solution, from small brackets to large bases. Consequently, the entire process, from manufacturing to delivery, requires a considerable number of scans. To be more specific, almost 30 scans are needed throughout.

Manual scanning takes up a lot of time and can also make the pickers feel tired from getting off the forklift, finding the products, making the scan, and repeating. But this system of barcode scanning has become outdated because of the inefficiency it causes in the production line.

But with ProGlove, the manufacturer was able to see a positive change in the overall picking efficiency. Generally, small technological upgrades have little or no effect on the workflows, but ProGlove proved to be different.

The manufacturer observed a 15% increase in warehouse efficiency and an astonishing 100% increase in picking efficiency as dozens of scans were made within seconds that would otherwise take up a considerable amount of time.

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The Bottom Line

With the help of ProGlove barcode scanners, your business can generate high ROI by saving valuable time and increasing workflow efficiency. Just as the mounting manufacturer was able to increase the picking efficiency by 100%, all businesses can benefit from this cost-effect, intelligent device that allows workers to multitask.

Depending on your workplace requirements, you can choose from a wide range of models, including MARK Basic, MARK Display, MARK 2, and MARK 3.

Say goodbye to conventional scanning methods and embrace the ProGlove technology to boost the efficiency of your business.

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