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Microsoft Ends Support Windows XP

Microsoft to end support for Windows XP April 8, 2014
by Peter Printer

Listen up, people! There is less than a month left until Microsoft stops all support of Windows XP, one of the most widely used versions of their popular Windows operating system. But what does this mean for you?
It means a lot of things depending on what you hope to get out of your computer still running Windows XP after April 8. Generally speaking, Microsoft is saying that any computer still using Windows XP after that date will not be considered secured and protected from malicious software, also known as malware. Security updates and technical support for Windows XP will stop on April 8, which means that any vulnerabilities Windows XP is subjected to after that date won’t be fixed, leaving your Windows XP computer forever vulnerable.
What is Microsoft’s primary solution for those that are still using Windows XP? … Upgrade to a new version of Windows (Microsoft recommends Windows 8.1). If you are in an enterprise scenario, depending on how many employees your company has to account for, Microsoft suggests getting in contact with your Microsoft sales representative or Certified Microsoft Partner. They can assist in walking you through the migration and deployment of a new network of computers with newer versions of Windows.
Aside from being generally unprotected from security threats, if you are still using Windows XP after April 8 you might want to be aware of some other risks. These risks include making sure you maintain security requirements of your constituents, employer, client, etc. The example Microsoft gives is if you work in the healthcare industry and must comply with HIPAA regulations, it is possible that once support for Windows XP ends so will your ability to comply with those regulations. This is not to mention that hardware and software support from third parties could very well end, too.
Chances are a lot of your printer networks are connected to computers still running Windows XP given its long life and saturation in the enterprise world. It is worth checking out migration options.
To read a FAQ and find additional resources, check out Microsoft’s webpage about the end of support for Windows XP.
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