How Can Mobile Printing Improve Workflow?

How Can Mobile Printing Improve Workflow?

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by Timmy Thermal

So, I got a tip for all those businesses looking to improve their efficiency and overall success. It’s called mobile printing. I‘m not talking about the whole smartphone cloud thing that allows you to print from your smartphone. Although that technology is cool, it hasn’t added anything that I couldn’t already have done with my laptop computer. I am talking about actual mobile printers.

These stylish new machines are so small and lightweight that they can be worn into your place of business to help improve your performance and efficiency of employees. They also can double as nice fashion choice with the ability for shoulder strap mounting or my personal favorite belt clip, because nothing says success better than a mobile printer hooked to your belt.
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If you don’t wear a belt and don’t like shoulder straps, then why don’t you mount it in your car? Sure the idea behind the vehicle mounting was for Police and Emergency vehicles to have a printer that is easily removable for Point of Service (POS) situations, but who’s to say my Camaro cannot have one as well. Fashion and style aside, wiring is not needed with mobile printing using wireless technology, including Bluetooth and wireless networking. So for all you smartphone users, you can print from your smartphone.

Mobile printers providing diverse output options make the fine tuning of special features and tracking of all the printers in the field difficult at times. Especially, if you’re a very successful guy like myself, and people tend to “borrow” items from time to time. However, there is no need too worry with mobile printings use of wireless communication technology combined with the producers network management options such as Zebralink. This allows for you to manage, deploy, and monitor your mobile printer like it’s an improved version of that iPhone app.

I know what you’re thinking, if these printers are small enough to carry on your belt, then what can you possibly print with these mobile printers? Mobile printing provides an optimal solution for thermal-based technology, providing it with the necessary media flexibility, low maintenance, durable nature, and high print quality output. Where the impact printer doesn’t give you the optimization for adhesive label media, it lacks the quality to produce scannable bar codes, and does not tend to hold up as well in industrial and dynamic environments.
Zebra QLn320 Mobile Printer
Direct thermal printing is widely available due to its simplicity and convenience, combined with the generally short life of labels and receipts that are printed from a mobile printer. If you do want Thermal Transfer application in a mobile printer there are options available, however they are harder to come by. When it comes to power, mobile print has the capability to last for a shift, but it all depends on what the printer is being used for. So, before using a mobile printer I would suggest to test out the battery life to ensure that your batteries constantly perform to your standards. There is also a wide variety of applications that can be combined with mobile printing, including ones that allow for the printer to be powered by your vehicle or charged as well.

The great thing about these printers is they can improve the efficiency and overall success of almost any field including Sales, Retail, Manufacturing, Law Enforcement, Utilities, and many more. Your goal is to be successful isn’t it? After all, success equals revenue and revenue equals a happy business, and a happy business is never a bad thing for its employees. It could even possible lead to rewards. So what are you waiting for? Become successful and integrate mobile printing into your workspace today.

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