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Motorola MC9060 End of Life

Say goodbye to the Motorola MC9060 barcode scanner

by Barry Barcode

In the latest news, we regretfully hear that the Motorola has announced the end of life of the Motorola MC9060. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, “end of life” is when a product is no longer supported by the manufacturer. That means no more service and no more production of parts.

This issue, although at the time, doesn’t seem to be overly alarming or important, it will come back to haunt you if not taken care of. When your product goes into end of life, you really have two logical options. You can either replace it or get it covered/repaired by an independent service company.

If you are looking to replace, a possible replacement option could be the Motorola MT2000. This mobile terminal gives a hybrid of a scanner and a mobile computer providing you great scanner quality wireless communication availability all in an ergonomic gun-style rugged design. If that isn’t the right fit, and you want more of the mobile computer and less of a scanner, then I would suggest looking into some of the rugged tablets on the market. They are very light but durable and will give you all the computing needs that you may require.

I do understand though how frustrating removing and replacing a whole system of products can be. I would imagine that it would be quite the headache. There is the second option though and that is getting an independent reputable company to cover/repair your product. Even when products such as this one go into End of Life there are repair options out there. Even though the manufacturing company no longer services, there are companies such as MIDCOM Service Group that still do. MIDCOM Service Group offers a fast turnaround (2 to 3 days), flat labor cost, and a No-Fee guarantee.

This does impose an intriguing question though, is it worth repairing? And if so, why don’t you just do it yourself? Well the first part I can’t really give an honest answer. The second part on the other hand may be the answer to both. The important thing to remember is that parts are no longer being made, which means that finding parts is not only going to be difficult but they will also be expensive.

Not to doubt the intelligence of the audience, but if you do make a mistake with your own repair and mess it up further, it will cost even more on parts. If your product does break down I would suggest sending it to a company like the MIDCOM Service Group. If you send it to the MIDCOM Service Group, they will fix it for one flat labor rate, or they will send it back and won’t charge you anything for it. So there is really nothing to lose! At the very least, you get confirmation that it needs to be replaced.

So if your product gets placed into the End of life category, such as the Motorola MC9060, don’t get worried or freak out. There are options. Stay calm and call an expert. You have nothing to lose and everything thing to gain.

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