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Barry Barcode

The National Retail Federation’s 103rd Annual Convention & Expo happened last week and big players in the retail space were in attendance to bump elbows and announce new products for the retail industry.
Motorola Solutions took the opportunity to announce a few new products that they’re introducing into the retail space. Barry Barcode here to give you the rundown on the Motorola DS4800 handheld imager, CC5000 customer concierge and the FX7500 fixed RFID reader.
The DS 4800 handheld imager “delivers capability and chic consumer styling with enterprise reliability, functionality and manageability,” according Motorola Solutions. The handheld scanner touts a few notable features, such as being able to scan 1D and 2D barcodes in various scenarios like on your mobile phone screen and under shrink wrap. You can also store images with the scanner making digital recordkeeping easy. There’s even the option to customize it with a custom design or company’s colors, in addition to your company’s logo.
The CC5000 customer concierge station is a touch-sensitive display that customers can use to look up information on and purchase products, find special deals, and even get help from a person via voice or video through a built-in microphone and eight megapixel camera. The display, available in 15 in., 22 in. or 27 in. form factors, supports a 1080p resolution and runs on Google’s Android 4.1 operating system. And don’t worry, it scans barcodes, too!motorola retail solutions
Finally, the FX7500 is a fixed RFID reader that supports a slew of features, such as integrated Power Over Ethernet (POE), optically isolated GPIO, USB client and host ports and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity via USB. The fixed RFID reader purports to scan up 1,200 tags per second in FM0 mode and is packed with 512 MB of flash memory and 256 MB of RAM, which isn’t much at all compared to today’s computers, but is a bit of a beast when compared to other fixed RFID readers.
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