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New Zebra ZD500R

The future of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID printing.

by Timmy Thermal

Zebra Technologies has announced their first desktop Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID printer, the Zebra ZD500R. The Zebra ZD500R is a compact RFID printer with a slew of high-tech features that utilize growing technologies like Near-Field Communication (NFC) that can boost the productivity in many sectors of business such as retail, manufacturing, government, healthcare and hospitality. Zebra’s goal in the design of this printer is to provide “ease-of-use in applications where technical support may be limited or users are not RFID-knowledgeable.”zebra zd500r
“Fast and effective item-level RFID tagging allows organizations to more efficiently track valuable assets. The Zebra ZD500R takes the complex process of producing a highly advanced tag and makes it simpler for a non-technical user,” said Keith LeFebvre, vice president of product marketing and management, Zebra Technologies. “We created the Zebra ZD500R to address the growing demand for UHF encoded tags. This innovative addition to our leading line of RFID printers allows both Zebra and our customers to be more competitive.”
The Zebra ZD500R also has a “built-in chip-based serialization functionality” that makes printing and encoding serialized electronic product code (EPC) tags a breeze. Because of this, manufacturers are able to cut back on costs by circumventing infrastructure and services that were needed to manage item-level serial numbers.
In addition to these features, the Zebra ZD500R also features Zebra’s Link-OSTM, an operating system by which users can take advantage of the printer’s built-in NFC chip to pair their printer with their Zebra-enabled device, like their smartphone, by simply tapping their phone to the printer and immediately having access to troubleshooting materials, including video tutorials.
“Zebra has developed an easy-to-use printer that meets a very important demand for compact desktop UHF RFID printing,” said Antti Virkkunen, co-founder and operations country manager for Switzerland, Vilant Systems. “It gives users a smart and flexible solution that embraces latest technologies.”
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Source GlobeNewswire

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