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How To Optimize Shipping Workflows

Optimizing Your Outbound Shipping Workflow Is Achievable!

Timmy Thermal Safety GearHow to optimize outbound shipping workflows in the dock area?
by Timmy Thermal

Much like plant floor and airport were house technology, outbound shipping in the dock area is also evolving at a very fast pace indeed. This is because increasing trade all over the world has led to ever higher demands in terms of the speedy dispatch of cargo to their end destinations.

In fact, just like their air freight counterparts, in outbound workflows at the dockyard it is very important to keep the flow of goods and material on the actual dock itself, moving fluidly along.

shipping label printers

shipping label printers

In fact, should the movement of materials be interrupted at any point in time, the entire shipping process will effectively stall and as a direct consequence, many shipments will be delayed and this in turn, will inevitably mean that both customer service and satisfaction levels will be adversely impacted.

However, it does not always have to be this way, since cutting edge technology can easily handle a lot of tasks that had hitherto required manpower alone. In fact, this is precisely why different gadgets have been designed for the express purpose of speeding up the shipping process while simultaneously decreasing the need for replacing containers.

A typical connected solution can be a highly useful remedy indeed for handling most outbound processes at the docks. In fact, a system is called a solution for a reason.

This is because it also includes a mobile computer that is paired with its own mobile printer as well as printer media. This trio taken together, has the potential to effectively revitalize many, if not most, of your outbound workflows simultaneously.

shipping label scanners

shipping label scanners

Scanning all outbound destination labels effectively allows the system operator present on the loading bay to be able to communicate directly with the dock’s warehouse management system so as to make sure that all the pallets for a given route or stop are properly loaded.

This will effectively help eliminate the markedly costly extra routes that would inevitably result from the many pallets that used to be left behind.

Scanning the door or trailer when it enters the dock to load the pallets also ensures that each and every pallet is loaded properly and designated to travel on the correct routes only. And last but not the least, with a printer hooked on the network, the workers can also quickly reprint labels, as and when required. This triple system from Honeywell can go a long way in ensuring that your outbound traffic is streamlined completely.

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