Print & Apply: Choosing the Right Print Engine

Timmy Thermal TMDo you know what print engine to use for print and apply applications?
by Timmy Thermal

In the market for a new print and apply system, or perhaps it might be a future consideration?

The print engine is the main element and component of a print and apply system. It is what drives the entire system. It not only performs the printing function, but it also receives and processes the data, pulls the label off the main label roll, senses the labels length, peels it from the liner and feeds it to the application device.

So, with it playing such a crucial central role, when you are in the market for a print and apply system, you should carefully evaluate all the different print engine brands and models of all the systems on the market and their benefits and features before you commit to purchase.

Below is a rundown of the 6 key criteria that should be closely examined and carefully evaluated for each to make sure your needs and expectations will be met:print and apply applications

  • Print speed and resolution
  • Thermal transfer versus direct thermal transfer option
  • Serviceability – is it easy to remove and access parts and offer tool-less and quick-change features Usability – is it easy to use and correctly by your operators with minimal downtime
  • Data compatibility – is it compatibility with your other equipment
  • Connectivity – does the printer offer the data communication interface option required by the application – ie. plug-in style interface cards/ports
  • Commitment – how much use is it going to be utilized for and is the necessary support required available and ready

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