Printer End Of Service Life

It’s going to happen – what will you do?
by Peter Printer

You’re working on a critical project for your company and suddenly – your printer stops working! You call the manufacturer about the issue and they inform you that the printer you have is EOSL. Sorry about getting techie, but that stands for End-Of-Service-Life.

What will you do?

Well, let’s first talk about what the difference is between EOSL and EOL (End-Of-Life). Manufacturers will usually make a printer EOL which means they no longer produce a certain product. They may still warranty the printer and in some cases provide service. When a manufacturer has made the printer EOSL, that basically means they want you to buy one of their new printers because they no longer offer repair. Basically, you’re on your own if you want to keep the product you have.printer end of service life

So, what will you do?

At this point you have only three options. Option 1 – you can replace the printer. Option 2 – you can try and maintain the printer yourself. Option 3 – get third party maintenance on your printer. Let’s discuss the value of each option.

Replace the printer
Replacing the printer can be a great solution especially if the printer you use is really out-of-date. There have been great technological advances in the last few years that may help your company. Also, newer printers will have more guaranteed uptime and usually come with good warranties. If cost is a great concern, consider refurbished printers. Refurbished (remanufactured) printers usually cost about 50% less than new printers and are in some cases diagnosed and repaired by certified technicians with many new parts. The only downside to replacing your printer is learning the new functionality and compatibility. A good printer sales company will offer you helpful suggestions on what printer is best for you.

Self maintain the printer
This is usually not a good idea. There are many different brands and models of printers and can be a real waste of time for you or your IT department. Trying to identify the right parts to fix the printer and install new solutions can also make your company dependent on one or two workers. If the person who knows how to fix the printer is on vacation what will you do? Self printer maintenance can also lead to extended downtime.

Third-party printer repair
Many companies don’t know that their printers can be fixed by third-party service providers. These providers can offer printer service for several years after a printer has become EOSL by the manufacturer. There are printer service plans that can cover EOSL printers that respond quickly to reduce downtime of your printer. The cost of these plans are 40 to 60 percent less expensive than the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). It is a good idea to get all of your legacy printers covered by a third-party printer service company. As parts for legacy printers become more and more scarce, getting them covered under a printer maintenance plan becomes vital.

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