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Is Your Printer Service Contract Company Always Running Late?

Peter Printer
Is your printer service contract company always onsite too late? Is it expensive and costing you in lost production?
by Peter Printer

Every year, thousands of companies simply renew their printer service contracts with whatever company they are currently using. They think it is too much trouble to do research on the competition. This could be costing them more than just the expense of the printer service contract. The faster the printer service technician is onsite means less lost production!

Fortunately, MIDCOM is here to make that research easy for you! In addition to our fantastic FAST Onsite Printer Repair Coverage Plans, we are offering FREE printer contract consultations with one our Specialists!
printer service contract running late
We want you to know exactly what you’re getting from us when you contact us for a FAST Onsite Repair Coverage Plan for your thermal barcode label, line, dot-matrix, laser and plotter printers.

What can you expect to learn from one of our FREE consultations? We do so many printer types that you’ll only have to call one number when repair is needed.

Benefits of our FAST Onsite Printer Coverage Plans include:

  • Priority Response – Fast 6 business hours onsite response*
  • Largest Service Fleet – Over 3,500 certified technicians nationwide
  • Fix or Replace Protection – If part(s) become unavailable – we replace printer
  • Unlimited Service Calls – No matter how many service calls are needed

With our FAST Onsite Printer Coverage Plans, you’ll enjoy all of these great benefits at a great price without any worry!

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Or give us a call at (800) 643-2664 and learn why switching your printer service contracts to MIDCOM could be the first great decision you make in 2018!

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*We average 6 business hours onsite

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