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Genuine Printer Supplies

Peter PrinterWhat is the value of using genuine printer supplies?
by Peter Printer

Looking for inexpensive printer media supplies. Watch out as what looks like a good deal is not necessarily a good deal. You will pay the price if you’re not careful. What you save upfront, you will more than likely pay down the road in damages or downtime. I’ll explain further.

I’m talking about buying printer supplies, in particular OEM genuine products. These are designed, developed and tested by engineers and the printer manufacturers to precise specifications. They cost a little more but provide comprehensive value.printer supplies genuine

Benefits of Genuine Printer Supplies:

  • engineered in conjunction with the printer for superior quality, performance and reliability
  • mitigate risk of downtime, damages and repairs due to printer failure and operational issues
  • warranty adherence

What to look out for with non-Genuine products:

  • Compatible products
    • are labeled ‘compatible’ and are compatible and fit with the equipment but aren’t endorsed by the OEM
    • tend to cause build-up on the printers thus resulting in reduced print head life
  • Counterfeit products
    • labeled or marketed as ‘alternative’

Risks of using non-Genuine Printer Supplies:

  • decreased printer performance
  • reduced yields
  • lower print quality
  • higher failure rates
  • higher energy consumption and costs
  • increased equipment downtime and repairs

These risks are even more apparent in the higher, specialized applications. Genuine supplies have been rigorously tested and undergone extensive research as part of their product development requirements process. For applications such as asset tracking, electronic components, medical, and transportation and logistics, the varying conditions and requirements required the products to be able to stand up, endure and perform flawlessly over the life of the product. Genuine suppliers have done extensive research to be able to meet these standards and processes. The cost of this value-added is in the price and the benefits gained pay for themselves. Non-genuine products are lower for a reason and do not match this level.

Keep these key points in mind and look for the OEM imprint or endorsement on the packaging.

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