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Refurbished Thermal Label Printers Increase Productivity At Less Cost?

refurbished thermal label printers productivity
Timmy Thermal Safety GearSure refurbished thermal label printers cost less, but can they increase productivity?
Timmy Thermal

So what are benefits of buying refurbished thermal label printers over brand new ones. Every year companies purchase tons of new thermal label printers, either because they don’t know about refurbished options or because they’ve heard one too many myths about them.

“Aren’t they broken when you get them?” they say. “That’s just someone else’s trash,” says another. “I’m not paying money for something that’s going to break in a week.”

Truth is refurbished thermal label printers are GUARANTEED to work! They are taken through a rigorous examination and repair process meant to iron out all of the kinks handed down from the previous owner, so that when it’s passed on to a new customer they can take pride in owning it, knowing it will last them just as long as a brand new one. On top of ensuring the thermal label printer functions exactly as intended, technicians also install a new printhead that is one of the most expensive consumables for a thermal label printer!

How’s that for increasing productivity?datamax i-class service and support

And I haven’t even gotten to the best part: IT’S CHEAPER! That’s right – buying refurbished thermal label printers will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Just think about how much money you can save when you’re buying in bulk! That’s not to mention the included warranty, just in case you’re still unsure about the whole thing.

So the next time your company is in the market for new thermal label printer, think about going with a refurbished thermal label printer option.

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