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Repair Or Replace Contracts

Why have a repair or replace contract?
by Peter Printer

Wouldn’t you be furious if you signed up for an expensive printer service plan with the other guys and when your printer broke down you called them up and they said to you, “Hey, it doesn’t matter, we won’t cover it because the parts are no longer available! Too bad, buddy, have a nice life.” Well believe it or not, some companies include a clause in their packages which say they can do that exact thing!

The reason why is because their printer service plans are only valid for printers that are certain current models. This means if you were to get a 5 year plan with them, and then halfway through the duration of your plan they stopped repairing and servicing them, you’d be out of money at no cost to them. To add insult to injury, they can also refund you only a portion of your premium, leaving their pockets lined with your money. You deserve better, and over at MIDCOM we have a better way of doing things.broken printer

If you watch the video embedded in this article, you’ll see our general manager, Ken Feinstein, ready to tell you all about the amazing plans we have. It’s called the complete repair and replace contract. If you sign up for this contract, you’ll be protected even if your printer parts become unavailable or it becomes beyond economical repair. On certain printers we’ll even send you a replacement printer. That’s the kind of guarantee you’ll get when you have a contract with MIDCOM. That’s a deal you just can’t lose with.

MIDCOM cares about you and wants to know all about your printer service and repair needs. Call us at (800) 643-2664 and let us know what kind of printer repair service you can use! If you’re interested in more tips, service package reviews, and educational information like this one, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our new Google+.

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