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How Can Retro Reflective Labels Help With Long Distant Scanning?

retro reflective labels
Barry BarcodeAre you having trouble scanning labels that are long distances – on the top of shelves?
by Barry Barcode

Barry Barcode here to let you know about Retro Reflective Labels! Do you ever find yourself stretching your bad back just so you can scan that pesky barcode all the way on the top shelf of your warehouse?

With Retro Reflective Labels you can scan that barcode from up to 50 feet away! No more standing on your tippy-toes, hoping you don’t hurt yourself and, best of all, no more straining that bad back.

How do Retro Reflective Label work? Well, the facestock of the thermal transfer-printable, polyester-based combines tiny, tiny glass beads that reflect the scanner’s laser, making scanning a snap.Datamax-O'Neil reflective labels

These labels were specially designed for scanning that top shelf label right from the ground floor.

Some of the features and benefits of Retro Reflective Labels:

  • Scan and read bar codes on high levels from the floor
  • Retro Reflective material offers increased scanning range
  • Improve readability and productivity for stocking, picking and inventory management
  • Increase use of higher rack levels to expand available space
  • Durable and dependable

If you’re in the market for Retro Reflective labels for better long distance scanning, you can purchase blank ones from MIDCOM Service Group by calling (800) 643-2664 and print them on your thermal transfer printer.

Retro Reflective Labels sure sound like quite the convenience in the warehouse. Let us know what you think by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and give us a +1 on Google+!

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