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Real World Applications

RFID and its Myraid Real World Applications

Timmy Thermal TMHow is RFID contributing to real world applications?
by Timmy Thermal

RFID basically stands for “Radio Frequency ID-entification”. This particular acronym typically refers to the electronic devices that consist of a very small chip supported by an antenna. The chip usually carries a very small amount of data to the tune of around 2,000 bytes or sometimes even less.

The major uses of RFID chips and devices

The ubiquitous RFID device essentially serves the same basic purpose as the bar code or for that matter, even a magnetic strip that is typically found on the backs of various credit, debit or even simple ATM cards. This essentially provides a unique identifier for that particular object only.

In terms of mode of operation, the RFID also works like its bar code and magnetic strip counterparts, in the sense that it must be scanned for the scanning device (from RFID controlled doors to ATM machines) can gain access to the relevant information. Some of the more important uses of RFID devices include the following:

Greater visibility in the logistics and supply chain management systems

Success in supply chain management functions means an increase in the general efficiency of the chain as well as a reduction of errors, and ultimately, an overall improvement in the quality of services.

In many environments, such as shipping, distribution and manufacturing sectors that involve widespread usage of real time data, as well as the current status of many small but critical items. RFID technology can help provide critical insights that have the capacity to allow managers take highly focused measures.

Tracking inventory

Tracking goods all across the value chain has many benefits, but the ability to track an individual item at the POS (point of sale) can be even more beneficial. For example, many outlet employees (at the retail level) can easily count their inventory in only a few seconds with the help of a handheld RFID reader.

Finding lost animals

Apart from the industrial sector, RFID chips have also been used domestically. As a matter of fact, one of the first non-industry and security related use of RFID was to effectively ‘chip’ pet cats and dogs. This is now a fairly common practice all over the world as small pets are embedded with RFID chips and in case they get lost, the relevant authorities can simply find the owners by running a scan.

There is no doubt that RFID technology has the potential to change our lives, both at professional and personal levels.

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