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Improve Route Delivery With The Newest Mobile Technologies

route delivery mobile printing
Barry BarcodeHow can the newest mobile technology tools help route sales and delivery employees?
by Barry Barcode

Maybe we aren’t quite there yet to have packages delivered by drones, but there are a number of new exciting mobile barcode printing and scanning products on the market right now that are designed to make your employees more efficient and better equipped to do their jobs. As they say, money is time and time is money. I, for one, am always looking for new and improved ways of being more efficient.

Below are 3 interesting applications, regarding mobile receipt printers and route delivery and sales barcode scanning and printers that do just this. I thought I would share them with you today.

Recently I found a report about a police department who implemented a new electronic e-citation system to automate their traffic and enforcement citation tickets and forms. They are using Zebra’s RW420 receipt mobile printers to print out the tickets through handheld computers. This new mobile receipt printing system eliminated the hassles and redundancy of the need for handwritten paper tickets and then having to key in the data later electronically, which were prone to typos and illegibility issues. With this new system, the officers’ issue and print citations electronically for each offender in less than 10 clicks, and the citations are automatically uploaded into their records system.Zebra RW420 Mobile Printer

The Zebra RW420 printer was chosen for this application due to its size and durability. At just over 6 inches wide, this mobile route delivery printer is compact and easily mobile, perfect for fitting in patrol cars or with the officers. Plus, they are durable for the harsh cold or wet outdoor weather conditions, and with a print speed of 10 seconds per citation, they are fast.

This new technology saved time and money. Traffic stop time was reduced by 30% which allowed for increased number of citations issued, thus increasing revenue generated. Plus, the automation reduced the costs associated with data entry staffing. Another very important benefit was officer safety in that with the speed and ease of use of the system they could focus more on the offenders and less on the work of issuing the ticket.

I was also reading an article on route delivery barcode scanning technology advancements. A national courier deployed a hands-free imager, the RS507, made by Motorola. This wearable mobile imager is worn on a finger of the delivery person and a small terminal attached to their wrist or waist belt. This mobile route sales barcode scanner automatically scans based on label-sensing technology so that the employee is able to scan the barcodes faster than previously, which allows for faster loading of deliveries, less errors, quicker delivery of package tracking data to customers, plus also eliminates manual data entry. The data captured by the Motorola RS507 is both 2D and 1D shipping label barcodes. Audible and visible alerts go off identifying when a package is about to be loaded incorrectly.

The last example I would like to share is about a national transportation company who was using the Zebra MC67 mobile computer with their drivers to increase not only driver efficiency but to also strategically grow their customer base. This transportation company provides service to the automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries, and one of their larger customers requested that they begin to comingle loads of defray the costs of dedicated delivery. To accommodate this requirement and keep the business, they needed to improve their scanning abilities and they purchased the Zebra MC67 mobile computer.zebra mc67

The Zebra MC67 tracks inventory shipments as they come in via route barcode scanning and printing, tracks them as they are loaded onto the trucks, plans the most efficient routes for each truck, and collects the delivery signature from the customer right on the device. By implementing this scanning solution, this company saved money by consolidating multiple applications on a single device. This eliminated duplication, reduced errors, and allowed them to quickly provide reports to the customers and with more detailed information and in the exact format that the customers require.

For further information on the benefits and capabilities of these mobile route barcode and route sales printer systems and how they can streamline your operations and increase worker output, call us as (800) 643-2664 and immediately talk to one of our friendly representatives or see some of our Zebra mobile printers or Zebra barcode scanners. Feel free to chat us up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn!

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