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sato cl412ePrint Method: Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution: 305 dpi (12 dpmm)
Print Speed: 6 ips (150 mm/s)
Max. Print Width: 4.1″ (104 mm)
Part Number: satocl412e Availabilty: In-Stock

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Part Numbers:
SATO W00413011, SATO W00413021, SATO W00413031, SATO W00413041, SATO W00413081, SATO W00413111, SATO W00413121, SATO W00413141, SATO W00413181, SATO W00413191, SATO W00413211, SATO W00413231, SATO W00413281, SATO W00413291, SATO W00413311, SATO W00413331, SATO W00413341, SATO W00413381, SATO W00413391, SATO W00413511, SATO W00413521, SATO W00413531, SATO W00413581, SATO W00413591, SATO W0041C011, SATO W0041C031, SATO W0041C041, SATO W0041C081, SATO W0041C111, SATO W0041C131, SATO W0041C141, SATO W0041C181, SATO W0041C211, SATO W0041C231, SATO W0041C241, SATO W0041C281, SATO W0041C511, SATO W0041C531, SATO W0041C541, SATO W0041C581, SATO W0041M011, SATO W0041M031, SATO W0041M081, SATO W0041M111, SATO W0041M131, SATO W0041M141, SATO W0041M181, SATO W0041M211, SATO W0041M231, SATO W0041M241, SATO W0041M281, SATO W0041M511, SATO W0041M531, SATO W0041M541, SATO W0041M581, SATO W0041T011, SATO W0041T021, SATO W0041T031, SATO W0041T041, SATO W0041T081, SATO W0041T111, SATO W0041T121, SATO W0041T131, SATO W0041T141, SATO W0041T181, SATO W0041T211, SATO W0041T221, SATO W0041T241, SATO W0041T281, SATO W0041T311, SATO W0041T321, SATO W0041T331, SATO W0041T341, SATO W0041T351, SATO W0041T381, SATO W0041T511, SATO W0041T521, SATO W0041T531, SATO W0041T541.

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