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SATO CL4NX vs the Competition – Who’s Better?

sato vs competition
Timmy Thermal TMWhat are the advantages of the SATO CL4NX over the competition?
by Timmy Thermal

It is looking pretty sleek, if I say so myself. It is SATO’s newest industrial thermal-transfer label printer. It ranks up there with its competition in the mid-range category, Datamax-O’Neil’s M-Class and Performance Series’, Zebra’s ZT410 and Intermec’s PM43 and PM4i, all providing advancements in print speed, connectivity options and management and support tools.

I will let you in on some of the finer points of its external design enhancements. The color display gives it a more modern feel, similar to that of Intermec PM43 printers. But, unlike the Intermec, the control keys are located under the display. It isn’t a touch screen. This color display plays video showing useful how-to operational tutorials.Sato CL4NX

The cover is a bi-fold design allowing for easy access especially in those sometimes tight special confines. The full range of ports now comes standard including Bluetooth, unlike with the previous SATO versions. SATO has been lagging behind Datamax-O’Neil, Zebra, Intermec and the rest of the manufacturers in offering these and now they have caught up.

In regards to the inside components, the CL4NX remains fairly straightforward. The labels are situated on a metal hanger compared to a rotating hub and pass around a spring actuated damper for great label tension control allowing for greater print accuracy.

Additional benefits include label and ribbon size flexibility. 8 inch rolls are standard but the printer can accommodate 10 inch as well. Both the printhead and platen roller can be removed easily without any tools, and the printhead mount opening is expansive providing easy access for not only changing the media but also maintenance and cleaning.

View the SATO CL4NX product description click here.

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