What Are Today’s Mobile Scanning and Printing Field Service Solutions?

Peter PrinterWhat are some mobile printing and scanning solutions for today’s businesses?
by Peter Printer

Your field service technicians represent your company first hand with your customers. How they present themselves, interact with customers and respond to inquiries and issues can really help or hinder your company image. Thus, the level of service they provide directly impacts customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Poor service equals lost customers and revenue.

This is why it is important to provide your technicians with as much information, knowledge, tools, parts and support as possible. Not only will this empower them to be better technicians but be able to assist customers instantly and on-site, providing better levels of service as well as saving the company time and money, eliminating the need for multiple service calls.

Investing in key pieces of equipment such as mobile printers and touch handheld computers can play a big role in assist you and your field service techs in providing fast and effective service, invoicing and tracking.field service technician mobility

Below are a few examples:

Zebra’s QLn line of mobile printers provide convenient on the go printing of barcode labels. Benefits include:

• optimized for high duty-cycle label and receipt printing
• designed for ease of use and integration
• offers fast processing, large memory and a wide range of accessories

Zebra’s TC55 Touch Computer for example provides rugged and reliable pocket-sized remote access to real-time data connections in the field. Benefits include:

• is more durable and functional than other smartphones and laptops, providing less downtime and improved productivity
• optimizes utilization of both the workforce and vehicle fleet
• fast and convenient method of communicating direct with customers for improved customer service

Zebra’s TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer offers many benefits as well:

• rated at providing a 14% increase in productivity per worker vs. traditional form factors
• provides superior ergonomics with integrated flexible handheld and hands-free scanning, and 33% lighter in weight further minimizing user fatigue, and minimizes wrist and muscle motion with an innovative scan angle eliminating the need of user to tilt the device to see the screen
• extremely rugged design to handle the most extreme temperature variations and environments, plus can withstand extreme impacts and tested for multiple 8ft. drops on concrete
• contains a triple-shift battery, the largest battery in its class

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