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Smart ID Cards For Education

Peter PrinterIs Your Campus Secure? Secure Your Campus While Providing Essential Services
Peter Printer

Smart ID cards in the education sector are a great example of how technology can reduce expenses and maximize efficiencies campus wide for the educational institution – from administration, faculty, staff and students. How you ask – by using one card for everything!

These Smart ID cards are – UHF Gen 2 Embedded RFID cards. They provide faster identification and long-read range capabilities over traditional contact type ID cards which use magnetic stripe technology.

Key benefits:

Key Benefits:smart id cards

  • Simply administrative tasks and remove inefficiencies from manual processes – such as late slips
  • Improve student and campus security through better visitor management
  • Improve security and protect students from unauthorized visitors and those posing as students
    • crowd control – know who is on campus, where and when
    • at visitor sign-in issue temporary RFID-enabled ID smart cards to visitors – easy to identity visitors and prevent banned individuals, etc.
  • Automates facility and class access removing scanning hassles
    • instead of the student having to individually swipe their cards through the reader, large groups can freely pass through these scanner points at entry and exits, preventing any bottlenecks or obstructions
  • Access control for secure buildings or rooms
    • issue cards to all faculty, students and staff and visitors – allows security dept to control who has access to what, where and when
    • secure rooms or areas that are off-limits, control privacy, and to protect high-valued equipment
    • denying access to everyone but those with proper credentials
  • Improved attendance tracking – providing more efficient planning and funding opportunities
    • ease of tracking attendance rates reducing staff costs
    • easier accountability and enforcement has been shown to reduce student absences thus increasing funding rates
  • Streamline library access and inventory management
    • gain/limit access
    • automate checking out of books
    • real-time information on status of overdue books
    • limit privileges, deduct late fees and lost book/damages charges
  • Electronic Payment for Food, Entertainment and Textbooks
    • set up card so it is like a debit card for payment of meals, school events, textbooks, parking, etc.
    • parents and student can access account online to add money, view transactions, and set limits
  • Expand Affiliate Programs
    • provides additional programs and services for students
    • beneficial marketing metrics from captured tracking data

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