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How Can You Make Your Warehouse Smarter With Zebra Mobile Hand-Held Devices?

Barry Barcodeby Barry Barcode

Looking for ways to optimize your supply chain processes and grow your warehouse distribution operations? Smarter warehouse is the answer with smart technology.

Zebra mobile hand-held devices for Android provide warehouse operations with all the rugged versatility and security features necessary to meet the demands required in warehousing.

Benefits To Make Your Warehouse Smarter:zebra mobile hand-held devices

  • Ease of use & familiarity due to its world-wide popularity – thus requiring less training time for employees, and thus increasing efficiency levels
  • Versatile touch screen
  • Provides high degree of data security for enterprise
  • Offers suite of mobility DNA applications
  • Proven rugged design to withstand drops, extreme temperatures and dirty, demanding warehouse environments
  • Increased efficiency levels with Tekspeech Pro voice-directed applications
  • Improved communications with Workforce Connect unified voice and messaging
  • Improved processing speed with Simulscan, allowing for scanning of entire forms in one click
  • Offers all touch terminal emulation – allowing for conversion of legacy green screen warehouse software into touch screen apps
  • Swipe Assist virtual data capture button option provides additional dexterity to users

For more information on Zebra mobile hand-held devices with Android OS and how it fits with your warehousing requirements, and to learn more about your options for all your printer, labeling and barcode printing and scanning needs, call us at (800) 643-2664 and immediately talk to one of our friendly representatives; or chat us up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn!

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