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Smartphone And Barcode Scanning Evolution Is Here

smartphone barcode scanner
Barry BarcodeHow has barcode scanning evolved to smartphones?
by Barry Barcode

Barcode scanning has come a long way in the past few decades, and continues to rapidly expand and evolve with demand and the constantly changing times. Barcode scanners are used in every industry worldwide and every application from retail checkout counter, to the medical offices, to sporting events, to comparison shoppers, to warehousing and beyond.

The evolution of barcode scanners is coming ever closer to those of smart phones. Barcode scanners are the most compact, versatile, powerful computing and connectivity they have ever had. Like smart phones, many scanners have barcode scanning apps revolutionizing the way people work and organizations run. With the evolution of cloud-based applications and the Internet of Things (IoT), there are apps for everything easily allowing the user to utilize their smartphone using a web interface to quickly scan the information to track, calculate and manage everything at any time and to connect with information at anytime, anywhere.zebra tc51 tc56 touch computer

Zebra Technologies’ TC51/TC56/TC70/TC55 series of barcode scanners are a great example of the versatility of the barcode scanners on the market can provide today. They have the look and feel of a compact “pocketable” consumer-style smartphone, with a wide range of the enterprise-class features, power, security, connectivity, ruggedness and manageability required in a barcode scanner.

Below is summary of the top features and benefits they offer:

  • 5” display size with flexible multi-touch operation, best-in-class outdoor readability, even in bright sunlight
  • Active Edge™ Touch Zone for convenient one-touch access to features
  • 13 MP camera – Ultra-high resolution photos
  • 1.8 GHz hexa-core 64-bit processor
  • rugged design for harshest of environments
  • PowerPrecision+ Battery – up to 14 hours of power
  • ultimate scanning performance with PRZM Intelligent Imaging, wide working range, and omnidirectional
  • SimulScan Document Capture – automatically captures and processes entire documents
  • unsurpassed security with Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx)
  • Standard Configuration devices come with Google Mobile Services (GMS) and Android for Work (AFW) providing integrated Google applications (such as Gmail and Google Maps) and additionalenterprise-class features
  • Professional Configuration devices ship without GMS and AFW, for greater privacy and security of personal information
  • both configurations are based on Android Open Source (AOSP).
  • fastest and dependable wireless connections:
    • Wi-Fi enabled TC51 supports the fastest Wi-Fi connections with the most robust roaming support
    • Wi-Fi 4G LTE cellular-enabled TC56 keeps workers connected inside and out in the field
  • a complete suite of Enterprise accessories
  • many cradle options available:
    • ShareCradle enables user to charge it all — device and batteries, plus convenient multi-slot chargers
    • syncing data with backend with an Ethernet connection option
    • vehicle cradles are ideal fordelivery drivers and technicians out in the field.

zebra tc51 tc56 top

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