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How To Keep Social Distancing On The Plant Floor

Social Distancing On The Plant Floor During Coronavirus

Whether you like it or not, social distancing on the factory floor is the new norm and it is here to stay for a long time. Like it or loathe it, you will have to observe social distancing on the factory floor to keep your workers safe, win the trust of your customers and increase confidence in your partners. Whether it is customers or suppliers, everyone wants to deal only with those companies that show the highest regard for social distancing and COVID-19 safety measures.

Why Social Distancing Is Imperative

The slightest negligence with regard to social distancing can lead to drastic consequences on the morale of your workforce and your brand image.

Rising infections will make workers unwilling to work and risk their lives (as well as lives of their loved ones) on the factory floor. Vendors, suppliers, customers, investors and other stakeholders will take a dim view of any company that does not exercise utmost responsibility for keeping its workers safe from the current lethal contagion.

The brand image that you worked for years and on which you expended vast resources can diminish overnight if word gets out of a COVID-19 outbreak on your factory floor. The ensuing controversy and furor is something that you are better off avoiding.

Thus, coronavirus safety measures are the need of the hour on all factories and commercial establishments. However, it is easier said than done. Luckily, you now have the technology on your side to maintain social distancing as challenging as it may be. The good news is that it is highly cost-effective and will fit any budget, no matter how constrained.

Finally, the Solution to Social Distancing on the Factory Floor

Proximity apps help your workers to maintain a safe distance from each other. These apps can be installed on Android devices. They work by triggering an alarm (vibration, light or sound) if you get too close to someone else. Such apps are not an option, in fact, they are mandatory considering how crowded and busy factory floors can be.

It is all too easy to get very close to someone without realizing it due to the immense workload, stress and short deadlines that can easily distract you from much needed social distancing. Thankfully, these apps permit social distancing without a significant capital input.

You can install these versatile apps on your Android device and use them in tandem with ProGlove MARK wearable barcode scanners. The ProGlove Connect Proximity app can ensure adequate social distancing, no matter how busy or distracted your workers. Since this app uses a combination of vibration and light to indicate unsafe proximity, these apps are ideally suited to noisy and busy factory floors where social distancing may feel very challenging.

Factory owners and managers can heave a sigh of relief knowing that the busiest schedules, pressure and deadlines will not get in the way of social distancing.

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