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TallyGenicom Ribbon Pre-End of Life Announcement

Peter PrinterRibbon for TallyGenicom line and dot-matrix printers will soon be unavailable
by Peter Printer

Are you using TallyGenicom (Genicom or Tally) line or dot-matrix printers? If you are, you may want to consider upgrading them due to ribbon being soon hard to find.
genicom 3810
TallyGenicom models include 3810, 3840, 3860, 3880, 4410, 4440, 4490, 5000, 5050, 5100, 5180, 6306 and 6312.
line printer
Printronix, who now owns TallyGenicom offers great comparable models including the TG6800 and P8000 (click here to see all models).

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