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Thermal Label Printer to the Cloud – Are You Missing Out?

Timmy Thermal TMShould you be brining your thermal label printer to the cloud?
by Timmy Thermal

More and more organizations are moving to the Cloud. Why? Well, it can offer many benefits and organizational efficiencies in doing so, such as data consolidation, flexibility and overall cost savings and revenue generation. Many thermal printer manufacturer’s such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell (Datamax-O’Neil and Intermec), SATO, Printronix and many others provide options to connect to the cloud.

As technology evolves and the Cloud utilization increases and advances more and more devices including thermal printers are continually expanding their applications to allow for their Cloud access.
Benefits of the Cloud:thermal label printer cloud

  • better metrics and data collection allowing for larger scale analytical capabilities and further consolidation – mine full value of data and convert data into actionable intelligence
  • ability of localize data and applications closer to customer base by leveraging the increasing number of geographic diverse data centers, thus faster transaction timeframes
  • quickly build and deploy customized applications to meet the unique industry and customer requirements and demographics, for improved quality and customer loyalty

Keep in mind with all the benefits, achieving Cloud deployment is no simple task. It is a large infrastructural undertaking. IT departments strategically deploy and move parts of their platforms and systems over to the Cloud and continue to do so. It is important that all devices are transitioned over, in order to fully maximize the Cloud’s benefits. The challenge with many Cloud applications is they are required to work with a multitude of devices and sharing data with other applications, and if they aren’t the data remains stuck in fragmented data silos, thus lacking their ability for real-time connectivity. The key is linking integration together to they can all be accessible and work together seamlessly.

Organizations must address the following key aspects before undertaking Cloud deployment:

  • integration issues
  • real-time accessibility
  • mitigate data security / restrict users
  • protect data integrity
  • manage at-the edge devices
  • IT resources for seamless and reliable deployment and management

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