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RFID Improves Productivity

How Thermal RFID Printers With SAP Auto-ID Improve Productivity

Timmy Thermal TMHow can thermal printers with SAP AG’s Auto-ID infrastructures improve productivity?
by Timmy Thermal

Zebra Technologies and SATO America have been at the forefront of the development of cutting edge industrial and commercial machinery. Remaining true to their reputation for innovation, they have developed some of the world’s first XML-enabled RFID (radio frequency identification) enabled smart label printing and encoding solutions.

These printers can seamlessly interoperate with SAP AG’s Auto-ID Infrastructure. This is because Zebra XML Schema Version 1.2 has already been certified by SAP AG for full scale integration with SAP’s proprietary Auto-ID Infrastructure. This is a core component of the original SAP NetWeaver platform, which is responsible for powering multiple SAP solutions specifically created for RFID data.

o What Is SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure?

SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure may be defined as a highly flexible and fully customizable infrastructure that effectively integrates current RFID technology-based platforms with existing SAP logistics systems.

This ‘state of the art’ infrastructure also provides content that will enable you to automate all RFID enabled logistics processes. Apart from that, it also has a fully extensible capability. This, in turn, will allow you to easily adapt any sort of standard content in order to seamlessly implement your very own customer focused processes.

o Core Benefits of This Infrastructure
o SAP’s auto ID structure creates real world awareness of your supply chain
o It helps to reduce costs with the help of its item serialization software solution
o It can help to automate data discovery
o Substantially improves accuracy as well as speed during handling shipping and receiving processes
o The infrastructure is fully compliant with all relevant mandates of the business partners, the government and multiple trade associations.
o Reduces down time quite substantially thanks to better tracing and tracking, equipment maintenance and timely asset utilization
o It lowers the risk of leveraging the existing infrastructure, systems, skill sets, and enterprise software
o Why Use RFID Equipped Smart Labeling Solutions?

The concept of seamless XML connectivity revolves around the simplification of RFID smart labeling and printing solutions for customers. This is due to the fact that they can also use all of their certified interfaces to output their labels to different Zebra printer models. Moreover, they can easily conduct this operation directly via their SAP solution, with absolutely no middleware needed to successfully execute the operation.

Some of the main advantages for end customers include the following:

o A substantial reduction in overall custom programming costs and system administration
o Reduced hardware requirements and their associated license fees
o The provision of a comprehensive ‘stored formatting’ solution
o Only XML variable data can be sent to the printer
o All format changes may be managed in a highly distributed environment

Zebra and SATO offer great solutions for RFID and Auto-ID solutions (see below):

Zebra ZT620 RFID Encoding

Zebra RFID Printers

Sato CL4NX

SATO RFID Printers

o Conclusion

When Zebra and SATO’s high-performance RFID equipped, smart labeling and printing solutions are combined with SAP’s Auto-ID Infrastructure, they can easily help reduce cost and down time and increase overall productivity.

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