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How Is Asset Traceablility Possible In The Manufacturing Process?

manufacturing process traceabilityBarry BarcodeHow can a manufacturing company control traceabiliy of their assets?
by Barry Barcode

Traceability in the manufacturing process is as extremely complex and multi-faceted as it sounds. Manufacturers must be able to timely track and trace each component of their products from pre-production all the way through to delivery, and after; while adhering to the complexities of globalization and layers of government regulations, safety and environmental concerns, and increased competitive markets.

As these demands and factors increase, so does the need for effective traceability by manufacturers. Traceability solutions can provide many benefits to manufacturers throughout the supply chain for them to effectively manage and track all their entities.

Key Reasons for Traceability:

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  • improved overall visibility and efficiency levels
  • lower recall and non-compliance costs – such as costs of removing the product from market, replacement costs, legal costs, testing and inspection fees, insurance, regulatory and staffing requirements
  • provide detailed product histories to meet standards and regulations, thus easing the burden and lessening the chances for fines and penalties associated with non-compliance
  • minimization of negative impact and damage control to brand image, reputation, and customer loyalty due to product recalls
  • improved customer relations – reduce the time required to react to customer complaints, higher levels of customer satisfaction and safety, lower warranty claims
  • improved automated collection of information allowing for improved cost efficiencies and quality controls (decreasing non-conformities, etc.) compared to manual processes
  • In the event a recall does take place, manufacturers are able to minimize the impact by only recalling those items with the specific serial numbers that were built with the faulty component, material or process – thus significantly reducing expenses and customer impact
  • improve data accuracy
  • increased operational productivity
  • proactive – as mobile track-and-trace solutions can prevent quality issues before they occur or, in the event of a product recall, allow manufacturers to act swiftly as well as narrow the scope of the recall to reduce exposure to negative brand impressions and damage to revenues

Keys to Implementing an effective solution:

  • components and tools need to be sophisticated enough to deal with a broad range of issues in order to fully support traceability through the process
  • addresses the core manufacturing function and the broader supply chain can be deployed across many process industries and easily integrated with many other systems
  • ability to collect different types of data electronically
  • model certain interactions in order to accurately capture relationships across the process
  • information needs to be stored into a database and a user interface provided in order to quickly and easily navigate
  • detailed analysis software is required to analyze data, evaluate issues, pinpoints sources and determine underlining causes

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