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What Are The Track/Trace Solutions for Logistics Supply Chains Today?

Barry Barcode TM10 key features of an automated track/trace solution for logistics supply chains
by Barry Barcode

Logistics is all about providing efficient, timely service to keep your customers up and running. Providing and maintaining customer satisfaction in this extremely competitive market is paramount. Being able to provide efficient tracking and tracing of shipped products enhances customer loyalty and continued business levels.

It is very important for all stakeholders in the logistics supply chain to work together to effectively develop track/trace accountability to provide integrity and process controls within their systems. But, like with any complex supply chain system, effectively keeping track of all this data and paperwork is a large undertaking. The data included in tracking/tracing includes purchase order #s, container #s, bill of lading #s, customer info, item counts, weight, status, delivery date, and freight charges. It involves the delivered materials used to create the finished product, storing the inventory until picking, then packing and labeling, shipping and delivery of it to its destination.

To improve the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of your services, your processes, and meeting your customers’ needs, as well as, your productivity and profitability, track/trace solutions including barcoding and RFID technologies are effective and proven technologies to help meet your logistics needs.

Key Features and Benefits of an Automated Track/Trace Solution:zebra zm600

  1. tracking import/export elements of raw materials
  2. tracking and tracing products both internally and externally
  3. documenting product history from manufacturing to the customer
  4. providing a supported chain of custody for finished goods
  5. accounting for materials received and tracing assembled products
  6. managing safety recalls and product returns
  7. providing improved customer service and providing proactive, timely information to providers and customers
  8. tracking and tracing shipped products
  9. decrease paperwork and customer delivery status inquiries
  10. lower inventory management expenses, stock levels, errors and labor costs

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