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I hereby accept full responsibility for the following equipment that I have ordered from MIDCOM Data Technologies (MIDCOM). After evaluating the equipment for a maximum of thirty (30) days, should the equipment not meet my needs, I agree to notify MIDCOM immediately of that fact and return the equipment within ten (10) days after that. I understand that if the equipment is not shipped back to MIDCOM within thirty (30) days from the time of receipt, my company agrees pay the invoiced amount for the equipment and agrees to pay that amount within fifteen (15) days of invoice date. Additionally, I agree to the additional terms and conditions listed below which also govern the use and return of this equipment.

Agreed to:

1. MIDCOM will not be liable for any consequential damages, loss or expenses arising in connection with the use or the inability to use its product or goods, for any purpose whatsoever.
2. The above company agrees to provide free access to MIDCOM employees to inspect, service, and remove the equipment at the sole discretion of MIDCOM.
3. The above company assumes risk of loss or damage for the above named product and takes the responsibility for adequate shipping insurance when returning said product.
4. Should customer wish to return the product, the above company will call MIDCOM’s office and receive directions on where and how to return the equipment.
5. The above company agrees to ship back the equipment prepaid in the original factory box with all packing material and to seal the carton with clear tape only. If returned product is not in the original packing material, customer agrees to pay for new box and packing material.
6. Included in each box in addition to the requested equipment: ( ) Guide ( ) Power Cord ( ) Warranty Material ( ) Packing Material.
7. If product does not meet customer’s performance needs within ten days, upon return to MIDCOM, we will credit your invoice.

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