How Mobile Printing Can Improve Warehouse Operations By 20%

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Timmy Thermal Safety GearHow can mobile printing benefit warehouse operations?
by Timmy Thermal

Warehousing is continually under pressure to find cost reductions in their operations to remain profitable and competitive. Are you looking for ways to optimize your supply chain processes and warehouse distribution operations?

Integrated mobile printing systems are a good starting point, as studies show that mobile devices and software can improve production levels by at least 20%. Barcoding and RFID (radio frequency identification) systems used with mobile printers to produce and attach barcode and RFID labels at the point of application allows for less operational errors, less employee travel time to and from the printer increasing productivity levels.Zebra RW 220 Mobile Printer

Plus, due to their small, compact size and wireless connectivity, these compact mobile printers can be easily attached and mounted to virtually anything, so that they are located and accessible close to worker’s point of use. As well, they have a smaller footprint, saving valuable warehouse space. No longer is the need to centrally locate the machines. This saves workers time as they no longer have to have repeated round trips to collect batches of labels and can label products as soon as the packaging is complete. Plus, they can print remotely and pick up multiple orders at the same time.

With many compact mobile printers providing high quality, fully legible, 300 dpi res printing of labels, this improves quality assurance levels and lowers the potential cost of inefficiencies and misidentification due to the result of illegible labels.

These efficiencies are seen in all areas and aspects of warehousing from receiving, cross-dock, inventory, picking, packing and shipping. By reducing workers efforts and the time spent printing labels and applying them to materials, mobile printers provide the following benefits:

  • lower labor costs
  • lower operational costs and faster return on investment (ROI)
  • minimizes labeling and misidentification errors
  • provides real-time inventory accuracy
  • provide advance quality assurance tasks
  • improve efficiencies by:
    • streamlining cross-docking and receiving dock productivity
    • simplify putaway tasks and picking tasks
    • complete packing and finished goods
    • fulfill and track ship-to-order operations
  • leverage networking – using existing wireless LAN infrastructure
  • adaptable functionality – ability to integrate with various communications interfaces
  • variety of mounting options, printer connectivity, printer design, and media options available

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