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Warehouse Smart Solutions

Warehouse Smart Solutions and Automating Sustainability

Automation is the key to improving the performance and efficiency of your warehouse. But most of all, it promotes sustainability.

When space is effectively utilized, material handling is optimized, and manual processes are automated, sustainability automatically becomes an inherent part of logistics. But to do so, smart fulfillment solutions are needed.

Read on to learn about the top solutions that can allow your warehouse to automate sustainability.

1. Making the Most of Available Space
With the rise in eCommerce sales, more space is needed to store all products safely. While many warehouses are focusing on building large spaces, it isn’t exactly a sustainable solution.

Instead, making the most of the space that is available is a much more sustainable solution. As a rule of thumb, vertical space utilization and compact bins should become an inherent part of all warehousing facilities. Doing so effectively reduces energy consumption and increases floor space.

2. LED Lighting
Fluorescent bulbs aren’t energy-efficient sources of lighting. They are known for turning almost 95% of the energy they consume into heat, with only 5% turning into light.

However, LED lighting is a much more efficient solution that consumes less energy and turns 95% of the power used to light with only 5% turning into heat.

If automating sustainability is your goal, consider switching to LED lights throughout the warehouse. You will also see a considerable reduction in power bills with LED lighting as the primary source of illumination.

3. Automating Picking and Packing Processes
Almost 90% of warehouses today still rely on manual labor instead of automated picking and packing.

This means more time to complete work, which ultimately requires more energy to power the warehouse, making it inefficient. Moreover, manual processes are more prone to errors.

But automating picking and packing makes your warehouse more sustainable. All tasks are completed in less time, which means the warehouse requires less energy to function, thus making it an energy-efficient solution. Plus, automation also reduces the chances of errors associated with manual picking and packing.

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4. Renewable Energy Resources
Powering the warehouse with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, is the best way to make your order fulfillment center sustainable.

Currently, Amazon has taken the initiative to improve sustainability by using solar energy to power all fulfillment centers across the globe.

The Bottom Line
Automating sustainability is no longer a choice. With so many countries making the incorporation of eco-friendly solutions as part of the legislation, it is only a matter of time before all warehouses start using smart fulfillment solutions.

From space optimization to automating processes and using renewable power sources, there are different ways to make warehouses sustainable.

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