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Warehousing Dock To Stock At High Speed

Warehousing Dock To Stock At High Speed

Timmy Thermal TMWhat are Zebra’s newest technologies that can help speed up the supply chain workflow?
by Timmy Thermal

Quite recently, forklifts have shown their worth throughout the supply chain. As a matter of fact, forklifts have now successfully transformed from material handling vehicles into full-fledged information technology platforms in their own right. In the sense that they are now able to leverage anything and everything from printers to barcode scanners, and from computers to RFID chips, not to mention software that can be used to optimize otherwise highly complex workflow operations.

Various vehicle mounted data collection and computation platforms are now widely considered to be the ‘proven best practice’ platforms when it comes to improving overall workflows that also offer quite significant performance benefits in the long run.

Not only can they easily drive overall workflow productivity upwards with ‘state of the art’automatic tracking of both vehicle location as well as loading status, but they can also easily and substantially reduce material handling costs as well, while also simultaneously improving both safety related as well as compliance issues.

RFID technology

Apart from that, automated scanning processes duly imbedded with RFID technology can both sort and track pallets on the move,quickly and accurately.

Such vehicle mounted data collection platforms are also able to effectively optimize the speed of order processing and fulfillment rates and they can also effectively ensure inventory accuracy with the help of real time data tracking procedures.

Instant verification of different pallets

The best thing about using such technology is that it can effectively eliminate the manual searching of labels and can also help with comparing to bills of lading. As the various pallets and parcels are loaded from the forklift on to the container, RFID tags can easily read and confirm the fact that the right shipments are outbound on the right truck.

Thanks to such revolutionary strides in high technology, it is now quite possible to be able to prevent miss-shipments, by the fairly simple expedient of automatically verifying both the pallet ID and also the dock and door location. In the long run, such purpose built ‘Vehicle-Performance Solutions’ can not only streamline various operations, but at the same time, they can also help reduce both capital expenses and also labor costs too by integrating various technologies and weaving them together, to form seamless solutions to real world problems. Some of the equipment used for this purpose include the following:

Different types of vehicle mounted computers

Today’s vehicle mount computers produced by Zebra have been built for the express purpose of increasing productivity all across the value chain. They are available across a fairly wide range of diverse applications in some of the toughest manufacturing facilities, distribution center environments, and also freight operations.

Highly rugged handheld computers

The key benefit of a mobile computer is that it can significantly improve the workflows at a distribution center, factory or even a dockyard with the help of its advanced data collection capabilities, along with its unique ability of enabling real time communication. Here, Zebra’s extremely rugged hand held devices are able to do the needful, thanks to an extended battery life as well as industrial strength hardware. In fact,many such these devices are also well equipped with powerful scanners that can easily scan bar codes from up to 50 feet away, so that the probability of making wrong shipments is drastically reduced.

Zebra has a whole range of similar devices to ensure that productivity all across the supply chain remains as high as possible, and shipment times are also substantially reduced.

zebra zt510

Zebra RFID Printers

zebra vc80

Zebra Vehicle Mounted Computers

zebra mc9500-k

Zebra Handheld Computing Devices

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