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What Are Tyvek Labels?

What are Tyvek labels and how are they used?
by Timmy Thermal

Have you ever noticed that the tag on your mattress has a warning that it is illegal to remove the tag by penalty of law? Well the good news for the consumer is that once you buy a mattress, it’s legal to remove. The law is to inform the consumer who buys a mattress. They are entitled to know what is used as a filling.

Have you ever wondered why the tag feels different than normal paper? Tyvek fabric is a unique, patented textile that is flame resistant, tear resistant, lightweight, and has a neutral ph balance. Did you know that Tyvek Law Labels can also be great for custom barcoding labels?mattress tag

Lucky for Mattress manufacturer’s, you can print your barcode labels and Tyvek Law Labels on your thermal printer, or you can have them custom made. Barcoding for stuffed animals, comforters, mattresses, pillows, and many other fabric items can also be printed on Tyvek tags. Tyvek Law Tags are required in over 30 states, so if you’re in the mattress business thermal printers and Tyvek custom labels can help you stay in compliance.

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