Future of Barcode Scanning

What is the future of barcode scanning?

The future of barcode scanning looks exciting. Intriguing futuristic developments are underway which will make barcode scanning even more valuable.

Future Barcodes

2D barcodes are slowly becoming the norm and displacing 1D barcodes owing to several inherent benefits. While 1D barcodes can hold only 85 characters of information, 2D barcodes can encapsulate a much more impressive 7,000 characters of information.

We are already seeing 2D barcodes in action in the shape of QR codes. 2D barcodes are set to replace 1D barcodes on all goods and products.

Barcodes will also become much easier to scan as technology advances. Barcodes have to be held just right for proper scanning. This can hamper worker productivity since they have to first hold goods at the right angle before scanning.

Self-scanning tunnels and other scanning devices are under development that will be able to read barcodes from products at any orientation or angle. Since there is no need to hold the item correctly for a successful scan, productivity will greatly increase. It will be possible to take barcode readings on a fast-moving conveyor belt.

Another exciting development is the ‘image barcode.’ Image scanning AI is consistently evolving and improving. Soon a time will come when a scanner will identify product information just by scanning the image of the item alone.

Digimac Barcodes is another cutting-edge development. Here, the barcode is subtly impressed and spread across the item so that humans cannot perceive it. However, sophisticated scanners can pick up the barcode reliably and can thus scan what appear to be barcode-free items to customers.

An intrinsic advantage of the Digimarc barcode is that it can be applied to items that you could not previously barcode.
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Better Customer Service and Experience

Customer service will skyrocket substantially due to faster scanning and checkouts. Not only will customers be able to save time and avoid the hassle, but they will also be able to use their smart devices to scan items for the quick retrieval of product information.


RFID technology will transform the supply chain, empower customers and expedite operations as well as delivery times.

RFID technology will prove to be invaluable for a stellar customer experience. Customers will be able to pick up the RFID code by holding their phones next to their item of interest. This in turn will play video and show content for product details and information. This is a win-win situation for brands and consumers alike.

Inventory tracking will become a cinch with RFID. RFID tags can allow for automated and fully accurate inventory counts. Human errors will become a thing of the past. This will streamline operations and save costs by minimizing the time required to manually count inventory. Warehouses will know exactly how much they have of every single item.

RFID is a gamechanger and it will soon be the key dimension of IoT. RFID chips can make mundane items smart and enable them to communicate intelligently over the internet.
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Bottom Line

As costs drop and the technology becomes reliable, we will see greater use of such technologies. The future of barcode scanning indeed looks bright.

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